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Promote Musharikat helps in providing access to female education.

The lack of Education of women in Afghanistan is a very serious problem because females do not have proper access to education. we are fighting with this problem to make possibility for women’s education,today by the help of Promote Musharikat we did a focus group in behsood district, we invited ten people from different backgrounds from behsood district, including two district chiefs,union of parents from schools,two members of the school union, two members of the district union and two social activists. 

We made a list that we give to the ministry of education through the help of Promote Musharikat. The list contained the name of 20 women who are candidates for teaching in schools until the government officially recruits them. When there is increase of female teachers in the schools then parents will be more willing to allow their children to pursue their education. 

The focus group was held in

Heela organization main office.

If you have any enquirers then contact us.





Jalalabad, Afghanistan