Steps of life (Da Jwand Parawona)















Together with our TV Broadcasting Partner Sharq Television we created a program that shows the viewers all the donations we collected and distributed to the families in need. This allows us to spread our message around the world through social media as well, all the programs are shared on the social media and due to this many people all around the globe are sending their donations to all the families in need. 

























It has helped over 1000 poor families including widows with clothes, food, and other needed items. The Mentioned facilities are donated from the wealthy people in Nangarhar and people who live in foreign countries. Distributed by Heela Organization to needy people.

In order to help with needy people and grab the attention of people and encourage them for support of poor people in a society, Sharq TV has been broadcasting steps of life (Da Jwand Parawona) Program since 2010 when Heela Organization was first established, They broadcast the programs and upload them weekly on their social media pages such as Facebook as well as YouTube and in their Main website.

Description Of The Program:

The Programs starts by the host being outside the house and introduces the family and talks about their current situation later on the host shows the donations that were collected for the family and takes it inside the families house. The host does an interview with the families and asks about their current situation, later on the donations are given to the family. Usually at this point the name of the donor is revealed to the family but the donors a lot of time use alias names because they do not want their names to be shown. in the end the families can give their message or thanks to the donor and the ask afterwards tells the viewers that if they wanna help more families in need then they contact Heela organization and then afterwards our contact details are shown in on the screen. The program ends. The length of the program is mostly 21 minutes but sometimes the videos are short so more videos are combined to make up to 21 minutes for broadcasting.


Below are some videos of the program








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